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SCRUM method

Hi there! Long time no see!!!

Our developers didn't found the time to continue our current work. That's why it is taking longer... and longer...
Sorry guys!

We would like to get more familiar with the SCRUM method. SCRUM is a (development) method that ease the development around multiple developers with a plan and feature list in a given period.

In the coming days we will create a full (Product Owner) feature list, prioritise and set a deadline to it! (Starting to get serious!).
We can use your help for this! We would like to know, what features do you like to see in our system? You can think of anything! Like signing in by Steam or even Facebook. Or a review system.

You can contact us by the contact page with your requests or place it under this post!

Current developments

Development is not going fast! Personally i got a lot more to do! But we will come there...

Current functions
- Create a Account
- Forgot password
- Login to your account!
- Comment on Blogs (Feel free to comment! :))

Do you got some great ideas or wishes for the new PMGamers website? Let us know! in Development

For who remembers us... We're developing once again!

Do you got ideas for our site?
Want to join our teams?
Do you have ideas for the community?
Let us know on steam community forum!.